Participatory Media Projects

Participatory video Trainings

Africa Women Filmmakers Trust offers training to both communities and project officers on how to produce a participatory audio-visual program to enable them to capture most significant stories for social change.

Participatory video and women/girls rights

Raising awareness on the provision in law/constitution and international protocols regards women/girls rights Raise awareness on the laws aligned to the constitution and the implication to women and children Using participatory video in a Campaign to end Girl Child Marriages

  • The Girl Child-Ending Obstetric Fistula among girls/women.
  • Participatory Video and Women’s and Children’s Voices


    Amplifying women’s and Children’s voices

    Participatory Video and Empowerment


    To expose participants to a process of media production which does not place emphasis on the end product (the video film) but on the methodology of media production which builds confidence, skills and provides information, builds community solidarity and provides space for participants to make collective decisions to tackle their own development.

    Participatory Video and Civic Education


  • Promote Participatory Civic Education
  • Promote constructive citizen engagement with government/non-government institutions
  • Participatory Video and the Constitution
  • Citizens more informed about their rights as enshrined in the constitution of the Country
  • Participatory Video and Health Education/Promotion


    Tool used in public awareness, educating, providing information particularly on sensitive issues, promotion of good health practices and raising awareness of preventative measures related to specific diseases or health issues.

  • The Girl Child-Ending Obstetric Fistula among girls/women.
  • The girl child and HIV/AIDS.
  • Retention in Care and Adherence to Treatment.

  • Participatory Video and Indigenous knowledge and practices


    Documenting indigenous knowledge, culture and traditions of communities and sharing with other communities.

    Participatory Video and Policy Development and/or Implementation


    Enabling participants to raise issues of concern to them in relation to policy issues and its implementation and how they are impacted. Participants able to influence policy development and implementation.

    Participatory video as a monitoring and evaluation tool


    Process enables the capturing of valuable qualitative data often missed or escapes traditional monitoring and evaluation methods. A projects life cycle and the most significant change stories overtime and space are captured.

    Participatory Video as a research tool


    Effective in mobilizing and engaging participants. Participatory video and the most significant stories and Best Practices Aim Enables participants to select and document most significant stories and Best Practices

    Research and documentation


    production of material for use during national campaigns Documenting and publication of most significant stories and best practices. Conducting research on topical subjects in-order to determine packaging and content of campaign messages
    Consultancy is offered in the following areas but not limited to:
  • Drafting of an organizations communication strategy
  • Production of print and audiovisual campaign materials
  • Research, data collection and analysis