Anything for us without us is not for us - Child Marriage is a human rights violation (Part 5)


    Child marriages are a form of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV). A child can be subjected to SGBV which might result in pregnancy leading to child marriage. It may happen at four spheres, namely, the individual, family, society and school or educational sphere. A child can be subjected to SGBV in all the above spheres. It is exacerbated in these spheres by different factors. Africa Women filmmakers Project, Let them Bloom, is concerned with SGBV that occurs to children before the age of majority or those in school resulting in early marriages. What are the push and pull factors? What can be done at the school or educational sphere to end SGBV and end child marriages? Below, we discuss some of the drivers of SGBV that results in early and forced marriages.

    The life Cycle Approach

    The life cycle approach, on the other hand says, SGBV occurs at all stages of the life cycle. AWFT is concerned about SGBV that occurs to children resulting in child marriages. Below is am illustration of the life cycle approach and SGBV.

    Causes of Child Marriage

    The causes of child marriages are multiple and these have a peculiar tendency to be different depending on social, physical and economic status of the family.

    Major Causes of Child Marriage

    Some of the causes of child marriages are:

    • Poverty
    • Cultural practices
    • Traditional customs
    • Family honor
    • Religious beliefs
    • Social pressures
    • Lack of appropriate laws that outlaw child marriages
    • Low level of education

    Other causes of child marriages

    • Attitudes of children
    • Lack of discipline among children
    • SGBV in school

    Child marriages are a form of SGBV that violates the human rights of children.

    Which rights of the girl/ boy child are violated by child marriages?

    • Good health
    • Education
    • Attain their full potential
    • Gender Equality
    • Equity

    Risks associated with child marriages

    • Impact on the health and well being of the children
    • Risk of STI’s and HIV/AIDs infection
    • Cervical cancer
    • Malaria
    • Death during child birth
    • Obstetric fistulas
    • Girls offspring are at increased risk for premature birth and death as neonates, infants or children


    Children are subjected to SGBV which sometimes leads to Child early or forced marriages. SGBV that leads to child marriages occurs in the individual, family, society and school/educational spheres.

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