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Obstetric Fistula is the most devastating injury related to girl child marriages.      Read about
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Africa Women Filmmakers Trust uses the participatory approach in its work. AWFT believes that the participatory approach is extremely powerful in giving recognition to marginalised individuals and communities, which then generates the sense of empowerment that enables them to take action for social change.

Public Information

Women and Health Alliance International in collaboration with UNFPA and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare offer free Obstetric Fistula Surgery. Contact Phone numbers: 0782640840, 0782833338 or 0779626506

The law and the girl child.

  • Zimbabwe’s Constitution of 2013 Customary Marriage Act 
  • Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11) amended 2006  
  • Ending Early Child Marriage Film Launched : Newsday
  • Ending Child Marriage : Panorama

  • Reports and proposed projects 

     VOICES (The Girl Child - Mwanasikana)

     #Walls Can Bloom -: Zimbabwe Canadian Embasy Project to end girl child marriage

    True Stories

    Girl Child Marriage

    General discussion

    I had a focused group discussion with about 6 children who had married before they turned 18 in Chitungwiza. We sought to find issues that either pushed them or pulled them into early marriages and four of them said that they were not forced into marriage but that they met a boy or man, fell in love and started to have unprotected sex and when they realised that they were pregnant they decided to elope. What was evident was that marriage had not been their goal but because they found themselves pregnant....

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    Their Stories


    My daughter’s name is called Mary. She got pregnant when she was 14 years old and gave birth at the age of 15... I did not realise that Mary was pregnant until she was past her third month. She was gaining weight and ...

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    Ruth dropped school unexpectedly and tongues in the neighbourhood started waging...I started to be suspicious when I observed that she would tie her stomach very tightly in-order to disguise her growing stomach...

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    Maria got married when she was 15 years old. She never had an opportunity to go to school. "Once my breasts had developed it was a signal that I was ripe for marriage. I came from a poor family as a result I ..."

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    My name is Ongai, I come from Chitungwiza. I am 16years old and I consider myself an orphan because my mother dumped me at my paternal grandmother when I was only 2 years old and never came back and ...

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